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16th Jun 2017

Theresa May’s decision not to meet with the Grenfell Tower victims was called out on live TV

Paul Moore

Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom faced some tough questions.

Jeremy Corbyn met those people that were affected by the Grenfell Tower fire yesterday and he promised to “speak up for you because we have to get to the bottom of this. The truth will come out.”

Since then, the Labour leader has consoled victims at St Clements Church and stated that “residents must also be re-housed, using requisition of empty properties if necessary, in the community they love.”

He added in a Parliamentary debate: “It cannot be acceptable that in London you have luxury buildings and flats kept as land banking for the future while the homeless and poor look for somewhere to live.”

While Corbyn’s humane approach has been praised, Theresa May has faced some backlash for her decision not to meet with the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

While May did meet the firefighters and various rescue teams, it was stated that the Prime Minister didn’t meet with members of the public due to ‘security concerns’.

In fact, Michael Portillo, the former deputy leader of the Conservatives, has stated  that “Mrs May has been doing what she has done for the last five or six weeks. That’s to say she wanted an entirely controlled environment in which she didn’t use her humanity.”

With this in mind, Andrea Leadsom, Leader of the House of Commons, has been confronted over the issue of why the Prime Minister hasn’t met with members of the public since the horrific blaze.

While being interviewed by Sky News near the tower block in west London, Mrs Leadsom was challenged by residents.

One man says : At least she (Theresa May) could’ve met the victims, Corbyn was a good man … he came and met the people. He didn’t come with a bunch of police … no one even saw her.”

Despite the heated scenes, it’s clear that Andrea Leadsom wants to meet and support those that suffered from this awful tragedy.

Take a look.

Here’s more of the interview.