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21st Jun 2017

The reaction to Boris Johnson’s BBC interview has been unanimous

It really, really didn't go well

Robert Redmond

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is rarely stuck for words.

After all, this is a man who referred to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as a “mutton-headed old mugwump.”

However, the Foreign Secretary was mostly definitely tongue-tied during a radio interview on Wednesday afternoon.

Johnson was a guest on Eddie Mair’s show on BBC Radio 4, and had trouble with some basic questions about the Queen’s speech, which had been delivered earlier in the day.

Mair asked:

“What does this Queen’s speech do to ensure the criminal justice system stops treating black people more harshly than white?”

To which Boris replied:

“Well, there are measures, I believe, in the Bill on the courts, which I believe is supposed to address some of those issues… and I think one thing in particular that we are looking at is… hang on a second.”

Johnson could then be heard shuffling papers in the background.

He was then asked: “What does this Queen’s speech do to help white working class boys go to university?”

And again Johnson mumbled his way through his answer. It continued like this for 10 excruciating minutes. At one point, the Foreign Secretary was asked the most basic question: “What’s the point of the Prime Minister?”

“The point of the Prime Minister is to lead the country, to give a… lead on these key issues… and to take this Queen’s speech through. And she will, and she will do a great job.”

You can listen to a part of the interview here:

And the full interview here:

Some compared it to Dianne Abbott’s interview before the general election, which was criticised by Tories before the Labour MP later attributed her performance to her Type 2 Diabetes.

The reaction online to Johnson’s interview wasn’t positive at all.


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