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07th Jun 2017

The front pages on Election Day are equal parts infuriating and predictable


Get out and vote.

Buying a newspaper on the day when the public cast their vote in the general election is about as useful as spitting on a forest fire.

Granted, we’re sure that there’s some good news pieces, sports coverage and crosswords to be enjoyed in most, but unless it’s definitively proven that Theresa May/Jeremy Corbyn is the reincarnation of the devil, we’re certain that your opinion has been pretty much set in stone.

No paper is going to change that, despite The Sun’s targeted plan destroy him by overt love for Jeremy Corbyn.

You know how you’ll vote, it’s your right to vote and you’re entitled to vote whichever way you choose. Go out and vote.

This being said, we’ve seen the very concerted and organised attempts at character assassination this week, so why should June 8th be any different?

Here’s The Sun and their frontpage.

We wonder if ‘Puppet of Unions’ will be on tour again this summer?

Next up is The Express.

Clearly voting for Corbyn.

The Telegraph.

Feels like we’ve read this before.

Here’s The Star.

Tezza, Jezza and Cazza (we wonder if Caroline Flack has ever gone by that name?)

Then we have those other papers that are clearly biased, agenda-driven and unholy.

Shut them down.

Joey Barton’s views on this circus are definitely worth a read.