Stall owner pulls man down from hanging bar just as he's about to win £100 1 month ago

Stall owner pulls man down from hanging bar just as he's about to win £100

"Honestly, it just ruined my day."

A video has gone viral on TikTok showing a market stall owner pulling a man down from a bar just as he was about to win £100 for his effort.


The challenge is simple: hang from a bar for 100 seconds and win £100. Sounds easy, but of course that's the trick, many would quickly realise that 100 seconds ends up feeling like a very long time.

In this example, it cost the man in question, Omar Majid, £10 to enter. And he was smashing it. He's clearly hanging from the bar with ease, his mate is buzzing, picturing the night out they're going to have with the sweet cash.

Except the stall owner clearly has other days, and suddenly doesn't fancy the idea of coughing up £100.

The stall owner starts pinching the poor guy hanging there and tries to put him off. Quite understandably the guy tries to get him off by kicking out at him, as he starts to feel like he can almost touch the £100, with the seconds ticking down.

This is when the market stall owner really decides that he's had enough, as you can see in the video below.

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Just as things look like they're about to get heated, another guy steps in to move the understandably fuming contestant away.

He took to TikTok himself to give a little context to the situation and say how he felt about the daylight robbery.

In the video he says: "Everybody wants to know the full story of what happened. Basically, I tried to win £100 by paying the guy £10.

"I almost won, actually, and then when I was getting towards winning he started to touch me and stuff.


"I don't get angry at first, I mean, I do but I was holding it in, eventually he tries it again I kick him, then it gets a bit aggressive, then he pulls me down, and then I lose my £10 and the game just goes on."

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One user asked the very pertinent question: "Why the hell did you not spin his jaw?"


Another suggested that Omar visit the stall again but that this time "go wit your friends [sic]."

Speaking to us about the incident, Omer told us: "Honestly it just ruined my day.

"I was fasting for ramadan at the time as well and he did that. I had to really hold myself back from doing something, as he disrespected me in public infront of an audience like that.

"I went home that day feeling annoyed."


Really poor form from the stall owner. If you can't deal with the prospect of losing, don't set up the game mate.