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18th Feb 2022

Shocking moment people get thrown into traffic by strong winds during Storm Eunice

Danny Jones

Pedestrians blown into traffic by Storm Eunice

Eunice really isn’t letting up, is she?

Pedestrians are being blown into the road as Storm Eunice continues to batter various parts of the UK.

The storm is wreaking havoc across the country as damage to structures, disruption to public transport and even loss of life are being reported. London is one of the areas being hit particularly hard as these unfortunate few found out.

Watch as numerous civilians are blown into traffic and those who attempt to come to their aid are equally buffeted by blasts of the record-breaking 122mph winds:

As you can see, the shots taken on Friday afternoon in Croydon, South London, show multiple individuals being sent flying by gale-force winds. While there is, fortunately, no moving vehicles in the vicinity when the video is taken, you can see precisely why red weather warnings have been issued.

In addition to such high winds presenting a very apparent risk of people being blown about, the “danger to life” is attributed to the possibility of flying debris and falling trees, among various other factors.

Elsewhere in London, significant damage has already been done to the iconic O2 Arena, after high pressure led to the canopy being torn open; furthermore, over at Heathrow Airport, a livestream capturing pilots struggling to land has attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers.

At present, there is one confirmed death as a result of the storm’s treacherous conditions. During Storm Arwen in 2021, which the Met Office classified, three people died and several more were injured.

The government’s COBRA emergency committee is believed to have met today to discuss measures to ensure public safety and avoid further disruption to travel and power grids,

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