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18th Feb 2022

More than a dozen dogs killed as UK storm brings down 11,000 volt cables

Danny Jones

Dozen dogs electrocuted after tree hits powerline

Over a dozen dogs electrocuted after a falling tree brought down a major powerline

In truly tragic news, more than a dozen dogs are said to have been killed after being electrocuted by an 11,000-volt powerline when a tree came crashing down in Yorkshire.

As shared on the Cuckavalda Gundogs Facebook page, 13 local pups from a group in Ampleforth, North Yorkshire, sadly passed away after a falling tree caused a powerline to fall on their kennels.

As you can see, while emergency vets were called to the scene, they were unable to save their canines’ lives. They confirmed that a few of the black labradors pictured in the back of the photo are, thankfully, still alive.

The incident occurred around 4pm on Wednesday February 16. The 13 victims – all of either labrador or cocker spaniel breed – were aged between six months and seven years old.

A full investigation is now set to be carried out by the Northern Powergrid and a spokesperson confirmed the events at the kennel which was, unfortunately, “situated directly under the section of the electricity network.”

They added that energy supplies were isolated in the YO61 and 62 postcodes after the incident, leaving around 680 customers without power. This was restored to the “majority of customers” by Wednesday night.

Red weather warnings have been issued as Storm Eunice continues to ravage the UK for this very reason and the general public are being advised to stay home and take extra precautions across various regions.

Rest in peace, Troy, Olive, Guy, Goldie, Port, Dill, Dora, Rick, Cora, Polly, Tilly, Ivy and Rose.

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