Range Rover mum who bumped Insulate Britain protesters is doing Christmas meet and greets 2 months ago

Range Rover mum who bumped Insulate Britain protesters is doing Christmas meet and greets

Range Rover mum is peak 2021

You might remember the Range Rover mum who 'nudged' Insulate Britain protestors after they blocked the road. Well, if you have been a fan of her ever since, you could go to her Christmas meet and greet.


Woman who bumped into Insulate Britain protestors calls them 'terrorists'

Announcing the news on Instagram, the 34-year-old mum let her fans know the 'exciting' news.

"Hi guys, ill be joining @londoneye360 Winter Affairs for their Christmas party & would love to meet you all. Come say hi & celebrate with me, this will be the party of the year," she wrote.

Now, if you don't remember Sherrilyn Speid, then frankly, where have you been?


Since going viral for nudging protestors with her car, a Range Rover, in case you hadn't heard, Speid has appeared on GB News, launched her own merch, appeared on podcasts, and is now doing meet and greets. Basically, she is 2021's new Jackie Weaver.

Mum who drove into Insulate Britain in rage says 'I just gave them a nudge'

News of her event made it to Twitter, where people are not holding back.


"Bro wtf is this shit, world is falling to pieces in front of our eyes," tweeted one person.

Another said: "Can't think of anything more Late Stage Capitalism than a woman who's "famous" for running some people over now doing meet and greets and, presumably, profiting from it."


"WHAT EPISODE OF BLACK MIRROR ARE WE ON ??????" asked another.

There has never been greater evidence to suggest we are in a simulation, and the only thing that could make this situation better is if Insulate Britain turned up.


One thing is for sure, Independent columnist Donnachadh McCarthy will not be in attendance after he essentially said Speid and GB News' firestarter Dan Wotton had "instigated murder".

"This woman is a mother and she drove a car over two peaceful women. What an example to give to her child," he said.

"You cheered and applauded someone who carried out an attempted murder of peaceful people. They're fighting for a future for kids."

Jokes aside, what are we all wearing for this rare chance with a living legend?