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20th Oct 2021

Mum who drove into Insulate Britain in rage says ‘I just gave them a nudge’

Charlie Herbert

The mum went viral after footage was shared online of her driving to Insulate Britain activists sat in the road.

Sherrilyn Speid, the mother who tried to drive over Insulate Britain protestors as they blocked the road, has spoken out about the incident, insisting that “just gave them a nudge.”

In a post on her Instagram, the 34-year-old from Essex said that people were being “dramatic” about the whole thing.

She wrote: “I never run them over, I gave them a nudge, So dramatic man.”

In a later post on her story, Speid laughed off the media attention, writing: “Someone said RAGE ROVER,” with several laughing emojis.

In the viral footage Sherrilyn, 34, pulls up to the protestors before getting out her car and screaming: “Let me take my son to school.”

She then gets back in the vehicle and begins pushing the protestors with her black Range Rover.

“I’m not joking, my son needs to get to school, move out of the road,” she said.

As a female protester explains why they’re demonstrating, she blasts back: “My son is 11, he needs to get to school and I need to get to work.

“So move out of the way then. Let me get my son to school.”

In posts on her Instagram story, she said people were overreacting over the incident.

The mum said she just gave the protestors a “nudge.” (credit: Instagram) 

The video appears to have been taken when Insulate Britain performed a protest at an industrial estate near the Dartford Crossing.

It seems like she’s already laughing about the incident.

Last week, the Insulate Britain announced that they would be pausing their protests until October 25.

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