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29th Dec 2021

Prince Andrew wants sex assault accuser’s lawsuit tossed out because she ‘lives in Australia’

Danny Jones

Prince Andrew wants Virginia Giuffre's lawsuit thrown out of court

Allegations surrounding the Prince remain rife

Prince Andrew reportedly wants allegations of sexual assault levelled against him thrown out of court because his accuser lives in Australia.

Virginia Giuffre (formerly Virginia Roberts) accused the 61-year-old Royal of sexually assaulting her when she was just 17 back in 2001 and while the Metropolitan Police may be taking the case no further, the allegations around him remain rife.

However, as per mutliple outlets, Prince Andrew’s lawyers are now challenging whether Giuffre should be able to speak under oath in a New York court – where the American-born Australian’s case is still being heard – as she currently lives in Australia.

According to Prince Andrew’s legal team, they feel that a New York court should have no legal jurisdiction to rule on Giuffre’s case given that she is currently “domiciled” in Australia, with Colorado being the last place she lived in the US.

The judge and Giuffre are now being asked to respond to the request which states that “Ms. Giuffre alleges she is a citizen of the State of Colorado”, but that “the evidence demonstrates that she is actually domiciled in Australia, where she has lived for all but two of the past nineteen years.”

It goes on to claim essentially that she has “spent less than two years living in the United States since moving to Australia in 2002” and therefore her complaint is invalid.

It is worth pointing out that while federal court rules do not allow both parties in a legal case to be foreign citizens, Giuffre had registered to vote in America and has lived in Florida as well as Colorado.

More importantly, legal technicality or not, this effort to have the case thrown out doesn’t add any positive spin on Prince Andrew’s case, nor is it even close to the only allegation he has been linked to.

Recently, speaking in Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial, Jeffrey Epstein’s long-time pilot claimed the Duke of York was a regular traveller on Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ and that he had seen Giuffre on there too.

Prince Andrew was named among the likes of Donald Trump, Kevin Spacey and Bill Clinton – all of whom were rumoured to have been witnessed onboard Epstein’s plane.

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