'Predatory' garage worker pleads guilty to killing primary school teacher Sabina Nessa 4 months ago

'Predatory' garage worker pleads guilty to killing primary school teacher Sabina Nessa

That attack occurred in September 2021

A 'predatory' garage worker has pleaded guilty to murdering primary school teacher Sabina Nessa in September last year.


Koci Selamaj, 36, drove from his home in Eastbourne to a five-star Grand Hotel London to carry out a pre-meditated attack with "extreme violence." A court hearing at the Old Baily in London on February 25, heard Selamaj plead guilty.

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CCTV footage from the scene captured Selamaj as he attacked Nessa on September 17 in Cator Park in Kidbrook, South-east London. Footage showed the assailant striking Nessa with what appeared to be a traffic triangle numerous times, with bits of it flying off. Selamaj then carried the woman away and it's believed that he strangled her in the overgrowth.


The attack was suspected to be sexually motivated.

During an earlier hearing, prosecutor Alison Morgan QC said: "He is then seen to move towards the deceased and striking her repeatedly using a weapon which was approximately 2ft in length."

She added that the weapon "appeared to break up during the course of the many strikes on the deceased."

On moving the body out of sight, Morgan added: "The male did appear after 10 minutes.


"He is seen to pick up pieces of the weapon that had broken on the ground and then moved back to the area the deceased was located for another 10 minutes." Selamaj was then recorded using wet wipes on a nearby bench.

He is expected to be sentenced at a later date, also at the same court.

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