Nurse in Germany suspected of replacing Covid vaccinations with saline solution 11 months ago

Nurse in Germany suspected of replacing Covid vaccinations with saline solution

Around 8,600 people may have been affected by her actions.

Authorities in northern Germany have had to appeal to thousands of people to get another shot of Covid-19 vaccine after it emerged that a Red Cross nurse may have replaced the vaccine with a saline solution.


A police investigation had been launched looking into the nurse's actions and concluded that she may have been injecting people with a salt solution instead of genuine doses of vaccine. She worked at a vaccination centre in Friesland, which is a rural district near the North Sea coast, in the early spring.

Local councillor Sven Ambrosy said on Facebook that he was "totally shocked by this episode," with local authorities issuing a call to about 8,600 residents who may have been affected to book another jab.


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Posted by Sven Ambrosy on Tuesday, August 10, 2021

The saline solution was harmless, but most of the people who got vaccinated in Germany during early spring were those most at risk from the virus, making it crucial that they get a proper jab.

According to the Guardian, police investigator Peter Beer told a news conference that there was a "reasonable suspicion of danger" based on witness statements.


The unnamed nurse had apparently posted sceptical views about vaccines on social media in the past.

It is as yet unclear whether the nurse has been arrested or charged in the case. German media have reported that the case has been handed to a special unit that investigated politically motivated crimes.

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