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21st Apr 2018

North Korea has announced it will stop testing nuclear weapons

Wil Jones

The Doomsday Clock moves slightly away from midnight.

In 2018, the world seems like a scary place, with the new Cold War with Russia seemingly brewing, and Donald Trump determined to set off World War III via Twitter – in particular, his squabbles with North Korean Kim Jong-Un, who he consistently refers to as ‘Rocket Man’.

Now however, we can feel a tiny bit safer, as the secluded nation has announced it has suspended missile testing, and will close its nuclear testing site. A statement from the country’s news agency read:

“From 21 April, North Korea will stop nuclear tests and launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles.”

Kim Jong-Un is due to meet with South Korean president Moon Jae-in next week for the first talks between the bordering in over a decade. He will also meet with Donald Trump later in the year.

Moon called the announcement “meaningful progress”, and of course, Trump chimed in on Twitter.