'My married Tinder date lied to get sex, so I confronted his wife' 2 months ago

'My married Tinder date lied to get sex, so I confronted his wife'

'I felt so angry because that is so not me'

A woman has taken to TikTok to share an awkward story involving a Tinder date with a man who claimed to be single - but wasn't - and the moment she informed his wife that her spouse had cheated.


Posting under the handle @InkedHaley, a woman shared this unexpected situation across a number of different TikTok videos, with many in the comments eager to hear more about how the situation transpired - and its fall out.

It began with a video posted five days ago with the caption 'What have I done!!???'.

In it, Haley can be seen in a bathroom where she explains that she is currently on a date with a guy she met on Tinder but is confused when she notices two toothbrushes and what appears to be female toiletries in this supposedly single guy's home.


"He told me he lived alone... there are about two toothbrushes", she whispers.

@inkedhaley What have I done!!??? #sorry #tinder #single #oops #getyohusband #cheater #help #whoknew #ohno #outtahere ♬ original sound - inkedhaley

With viewers eager to know more, the TikToker posted a follow up video a short time later where she provided some additional context surrounding the whole situation.


After explaining how they matched on the popular dating app, Haley revealed: "I came over, everything went well, we were in the lounge just chatting and talking, and then things moved to the bedroom, of course.

“After all the bedroom stuff I said, ‘Do you mind if I just use your bathroom?’” to which her date hesitated slightly before letting her go into the other room.

It was here where things got weird.

“I went into the bathroom and as I’m looking around, I see this towel covering this thing, it was a shelf,” she recalled.


“I looked over and there were two toothbrushes in the toothbrush holder, one of them was pink.

“And I saw hair products and stuff - he’s bald so he doesn’t need that stuff.

“Then when I came out, I was like, ‘Hey, I’ve got a question for you, are you in a relationship?’

“And he’s like, ‘Yeah, sorry, I should have told you, I’m married.’

“I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ I felt so angry because that is so not me.”

@inkedhaley Reply to @donttakeshit0 story time! #tinder #storytime #cheater #sorry #oops #married #single #getyohusband #whoknew #ohno #wow #whyme #tindernightmare #fun #fyp ♬ original sound - inkedhaley

Saving the most shocking video to last, after feeling suitably bad about the situation she unwittingly found herself in, Haley made the brave decision to turn up to her lying date's door and come clean to his oblivious partner.

In a video captioned 'I TOLD THE WIFE!!!', the TikToker can be seen visibly shaking as she delivers the news that the woman's hubby has been unfaithful.

@inkedhaley I TOLD THE WIFE!!! #tindernightmare #tinder #tindertok #omg #wife #cheater #cheat #confronting #imsorry #sad #help #shaking #scary #fyp #foryou #gonnatell #notmyfault ♬ original sound - inkedhaley

Conscious clean, it was a move that many of Haley's followers seemed to respect.

"I actually really admire you for doing this!!" said one.

"GIRL CODE I AM SO PROUD OF YOU" offered another.

Meanwhile a third added: "Wow, you are amazing. To do that face to face was the most mature, brilliant thing I’ve ever seen."

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