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19th May 2022

‘Middle-class coke heads’ who do drugs at football games face five-year ban

Steve Hopkins

Violence at games is being blamed on ‘spectators taking cocaine’

People caught using or selling cocaine at football matches could be banned from stadiums for five years and have their passports confiscated, under new rules announced Thursday to stop games getting out of hand.

Policing minister Kit Malthouse said from now on, those busted with the Class A drug face a long-term ban from local games and anyone convicted could be ordered to surrender their passports when their team plays abroad.

Both Malthouse and the National Police Chiefs’ Council believe that a large portion of violence at football games is being sparked by cocaine use. This was apparent at the Euros, where chaotic scenes played out across the capital and at stadiums, including one incidence where a fan put a flare-up his bum after binging on alcohol and cocaine.

JOE later reported on football’s problem with Class A drugs, detailing how fans used and witnessed cocaine use during games.

Read more: ‘I did three grams of coke during a game’: Inside football’s problem with Class A drugs

According to a report in Metro, Malthouse said: “It’s been a thrilling football season, but at some games we’ve seen ugly violence that that has shocked all the leagues.

“More and more the police are finding class A drugs at the heart of that disorder and so we must act. The football family wants every ground to be a safe space for fans, especially children, and so do we.”

The football announcement comes amid a crack-down on what has been dubbed, “middle-class coke heads” all over the country.

Boris Johnson has said middle-class cocaine users need to “stop kidding themselves, their habit is feeding a war on our streets driving misery and crime across our country and beyond”.

There has been concern over the rising level of disorder at football matches in recent months.

Most recently, Sheffield United captain Billy Sharp was attacked when Nottingham Forest fans spilled onto the pitch at the end of the Championship play-off semi-final on Tuesday. A 31-year-old man has since been arrested, on suspicion of assault.

Racism in football has been in the spotlight for some time now – namely after several of England’s players faced horrific abuse after losing the Euros 2020 tournament last year. Homophobia has also been a long-running issue.

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