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26th Sep 2022

Man loses it at Karen’s Diner over joke about his balding hair

April Curtin

Man shouting at staff while point to rules in Karen's Diner, Brisbane

It comes after staff were forced to apologise for calling one customer a ‘pedo’

An angry customer lost it at a Karen’s Diner branch in Australia after an employee allegedly took the Mickey out of his receding hairline.

It was Bec Hardgrave, a health coach from Queensland, who videoed the incident at the popular restaurant chain, where staff pride themselves on “rude service” and an unpleasant dining experience.

Hardgrave said she was visiting the Brisbane branch for the first time when the incident took place.

“Safe to say, I probably won’t come back,” she said, “I know they’re paid to be mean to you but it was a little too hectic.

She explained how: “They were making offensive comments about people’s appearances. They told my friend she needed to brush her hair. Like, how mean is that?”

The TikToker said staff also told her other friend she was too old, threw cups at them, and forced another group of older ladies to leave.

“But get this,” Hardgrave continued, “they told this guy that he had a receding hairline, and this is what he did”.

The video then shows a man shouting and swearing at a member of staff, stating: “What’s the one thing your f***ing sign says? No body shaming”.

He then proceeds to say: “And that f***ing fat b***h has the right to talk about my hairline?”

You can watch the video here:

@bechardgrave The guy at the end was sooo out of line! #karensdiner #restaurantreview #brisbane ♬ Sensual Seduction – Snoop Dogg

The video has since been watched by over 2.5 million people.


“Karen’s diner kind of reminds me of the Stanford prison experiment,” another wrote, “like it started off a funny little quirky thing and now the staff on a power trip”.

While many seemed to agree that the whole concept has become “a mess” as a result of staff breaking rules and boundaries, others felt that customers should know the risks before entering.

“If you’re too soft, don’t eat there,” one added.

It was only last month that Karen’s Diner was forced to apologise after its Brisbane staff called one customer a “pedo”, his daughter an “OnlyFans tart” and another young boy a “c**t”.

The chain recently announced it is set to open its first London branch within the next few months, joining existing locations in Manchester and Sheffield. And it’s safe to say, the Karens of the capital will be sure to have an absolute field day.

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