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04th Oct 2022

King Charles makes dig at himself over viral pen moment while signing guest book

Tobi Akingbade

He knows how to take a joke …

King Charles III has appeared to make light about his chaotic encounters with pens while he and Camilla, Queen Consort, signed a guest book in Scotland.

The King became a bit of meme star after he faced some issues with the stationary objects during the mourning period for his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

On Monday, The King and Camilla, his Queen Consort carried out their first public engagement since the Queen’s death in Scotland .

While signing a guest book in Dumferline, Fife, Charles appeared to use his own pen before handing it to Camilla and smiling as he remarked: “These things are so temperamental.”

The Queen’s  appeared to refer to a viral video in which he had the misfortune of using a leaky pen while trying to sign a document in Northern Ireland.

This is not the first time he became cross with a pen last month. The King and Queen Consort were signing a visitors’ book at Hillsborough Castle when the monarch’s pen began to leak

Charles, who wrote the wrong date in the book before asking an aide what it was, lost his temper while sat down to sign the visitor’s book at the end of the visit at the castle. The King could be heard in a video clip asking the date, before standing up in frustration.

The Queen Consort, who was given the pen, said “it’s going everywhere”, before the pair wiped their hands.

Grumbling through gritted teeth, the King was then heard saying: “I can’t bear this bloody thing… every stinking time.”

He was then lead away by aides.

The moment generated comments on social media, with users highlighting the other pen-related moment involving the new King.

After being formally proclaimed the nation’s new sovereign, King Charles held his first Privy Council meeting, where he sat to sign official declarations.

The historic moment was somewhat overshadowed by the way Charles’ desk had been fitted out, with the new Monarch not having enough wiggle room to sign the oversized documents in front of him.

After signing one, the King moved to his next task, only to find a pesky pen tray was in his way.

He was then seen grimacing in frustration to staff out of shot.

A mysterious hand then appeared to swiftly and silently remove the pen tray from the desk.

The whole exchange did not go unnoticed by those watching at home, with one tweeting: “Did Charles just get angry with a plastic pen holder while the world watched him sign his proclamation declaration? Poor William had to ask for it back when he signed?! #KingCharlesIII just like his dad! Love it!”

May the King’s reign be blessed and filled with functioning pens.

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