Katie Price could be jailed for five years after arrest on Friday 3 months ago

Katie Price could be jailed for five years after arrest on Friday

Price was arrested for drink driving over Christmas

Katie Price could be facing a five year prison sentence after being arrested on Friday for allegedly sending her ex and his fiancé a string of abusive messages.


After allegedly sending a swear-ridden message to ex-husband Kieran Hayler, 34, and his fiancée Michelle Penticost, Price was arrested for breaking her restraining order.

The restraining order was given to Price, 43, in 2019 after Penticost reported being abused by Price.

Penticost met Hayler at the school attended by her kids and Hayler and Price's children. While Hayler's fiancée did not participate in the 2019 hearing, a victim statement was read out that accused Price of calling her a "f**king C**t" numerous times outside of the school.


Katie Price Price could be behind bars for five years/Via Getty

The statement read: "I'm still in a relationship with Mr Hayler. It is clear Miss Price has been poisoning their children's view of me - saying I'm fat, I have a big a**e, that I hate mummy [Price].

"I'm anxious I may still see her and I just want to get outside the school as soon as possible."


This comes as Price was given a 16-week suspended sentence and 100 hours of community service after pleading guilty at Crawley Magistrates' Court to drink driving, driving without insurance and while banned from the roads. At the time, Hayler had suggested she should've gone to jail.

"You seem to think you are above the law," District Judge Amanda Kelly said at the time.

While it's a criminal offence to breach a restraining order, Price could be put behind bars if she's been found to have committed another infraction. If the crime is tried in a magistrates' court, then the maximum sentence is  six months - but if she is tried in a crown court, then that number jumps to five years.

This weekend, after Hayler allegedly received a message believed to be meant for Penticost, the couple phoned the police. Profanity in the messages included dubbing Penticost a "c***ing w***e piece of s***" and a "gutter s**g", reports the Sun.


Hayler Hayler met his missus on the school run/Via Getty

"Although the message was sent to Kieran, they both felt it was addressed to Michelle. So they got in touch with the police," a source told the newspaper.

"Michelle is absolutely devastated, and feels very threatened. The message was incredibly aggressive.

"Given the restraining order that's in place, and the fact Katie is still on a suspended sentence, it's extraordinary she decided to lash out like this — unprovoked, too."


In an Instagram story on Sunday, Price shared video clip zoomed into her sequinned shoes. She wrote: "I still have my sparkle and drive looking forward to this week big announcement coming so excited."

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