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17th Dec 2021

Katie Price ‘should’ve gone to jail so our kids can learn right from wrong’, says ex

Kieran Galpin

‘You deserve to spend Christmas behind bars’

Katie Price’s ex has said his former partner “should’ve gone to jail” following the court’s decision not to put her behind bars.

Kieran Hayler, 34, who has two kids with the reality star, spoke to the Sun about his ex’s court verdict, noting that “people have been sent down for less”.

He said: “It is one of the most serious things you can get done for on the road short of killing someone. It is so serious.

“Someone will get hurt if Katie is allowed to carry on the way she is.”

Katie Price

Despite being banned from driving a whopping total of six times, Price was apprehended with booze and cocaine in her system after crashing her BMW in September 2021.

“I was shocked about the drugs and the drinking, of course,” said her ex.

“At least she admitted it and she came clean, but from the outside the sentence does seem lenient to me.”

Price’s sentencing was deferred initially on the understanding she would attend a rehab facility. Returning to sentencing this week, she avoided jail thanks to a loophole that even District Judge Amanda Kelly became frustrated with.

“You deserve to spend Christmas behind bars,” suggested the judge.

Katie Price

Hayler continues: “From what she has been doing in recent weeks, it seemed obvious she knew she would get off.

“And when she spoke to the kids they would be planning to do things over the next few weeks.”

Her former partner continues to say he spoke to the kids about the situation and that his only real goal is to teach them right from wrong.

“At the moment it has not been as much because of everything going on and with The Priory,” the former dancer said.

“But she sees the kids and she speaks to the kids every night on FaceTime.

“Whether it all goes back to normal again in the future is down to Kate.

“I think she is turning her life around and I hope that she can, I really do.

“I’m not here to slag Kate off, I want her to be the best mum she can be to the children,” he concluded.

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