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18th May 2022

Johnny Depp reacts after Amber Heard’s lawyer impersonates his voice in court

Danny Jones

Johnny Depp smiling as Amber Heard's lawyer imitates his voice

Yet another unusual moment in a very public case

As the fifth week of proceedings in the Depp-Heard trial continues, the jury has been treated to yet more peculiar conduct inside the courtroom as Amber Heard’s lawyer decided to imitate Johnny Depp’s voice during cross-examination.

Referring to the reason why Depp has refused to look at Heard throughout the entire case, Heard’s attorney Elaine Bredehoft revisited an audio clip played on Monday.

However, rather than simply repeat his words – “you will not see my eyes again” – the lawyer decided to try and recite them in his voice, almost as if to mock his serious tone in the original recording.

As you can see as the clip runs on, you can clearly spot Depp smiling in amusement at the admittedly strange decision from Bredehoft.

The performance of Heard’s legal team has been highlighted throughout the case thus far, with co-counsel Adam Nadelhaft objecting to his own question (which also amused Depp) and Bredehoft herself seemingly losing her composure as the plaintiff’s legal team tries to interject amid her questioning.

Moreover, there have been innumerable instances of bizarre behaviour since this second defamation case began, none more so than when a receptionist testified from his car while driving and vaping – unsurprisingly, another moment where clips of Depp smiling went viral.

The court is now drawing towards the end of its fifth week of hearing the case after a seven-day break and closing arguments are set to take place on May 27. A final verdict is expected to be announced shortly after.

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