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28th Apr 2022

Johnny Depp cracks up as receptionist testifies about Amber Heard’s claims

Danny Jones

Johnny Depp laughing in court

The receptionist casually vaped and started driving during his testimony

During Wednesday’s proceedings in the ongoing Depp-Heard defamation, the jury looked on as the 58-year-old actor’s long-serving receptionist gave a somewhat unorthodox testimony in court on Wednesday, sending numerous clips of Johnny Depp laughing viral.

Alejandro Romero has worked at the Eastern Columbia Building in LA – where Depp owns five penthouses – for over a decade and, as such, is said to have had many interactions with Amber Heard throughout the course of the pair’s relationship.

Giving his testimony, which is thought to have been pre-recorded in January 2021, Romero explained how although Heard was always “really friendly”, he was made aware of an altercation on CCTV footage during a day off – all this while driving and vaping in his car:

He went on to explain that he never observed any injuries on Heard during her time at the apartments, however, he did notice that Depp seemed uncharacteristically “agitated” following the incident in question, where he was escorted off the premises by his security staff.

In one particular part of the deposition, Romero went on to explain how following concerned reports of scratches at one of the doors, he concluded it was simply the couple’s dogs that had left the marks – a moment Depp found clearly amusing:

This, of course, isn’t the only time Depp was caught giggling during the trial, as Heard’s lawyer Ben Rottenborn seemingly objecting to his own question provided yet another viral moment.

His time on the stand (remotely) concluded with him saying: “I’m tired … I don’t want to deal with this court case … everybody’s got problems and I don’t want to deal with this no more.” Judge Penney Azcarate said it was a “first” and admitted that it was “the most bizarre deposition” she had witnessed.

You can watch Romero’s full testimony here and for a comprehensive round-up of what’s been revealed in the trial so far, you read our explainer down below:

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