Jake Paul promises to donate $10m to end world hunger if Musk gives his $6b 6 months ago

Jake Paul promises to donate $10m to end world hunger if Musk gives his $6b

Over to you, Elon...

Youtuber turned fighter Jake Paul has pledged to donate $10m to the United Nations to help end world hunger if entrepreneur Elon Musk follows through with his own donation promise.


On Monday (November 1), Musk said he would donate his Tesla stock if the UN World Food Program (WFP) could prove that his $6bn donation would end world hunger. This was in response to a CNN article quoting a UN director as saying that 2 per cent of the billionaire's wealth would solve world hunger.

So now, YouTuber and boxing extraordinaire Paul has pledged his own donation of a comparatively small $10m.

However along with Musk needing to match his claim, Paul added another predictable caveat - that the tweet needed to get 690,000 retweets.


In a Twitter post, Paul said: "Yo @elonmusk if you donate $6 billion to the UN to end world hunger I’ll also donate $10 million if this gets 690k retweets."

Currently, Paul's tweet has barely made it past 9,000 retweets.


The man quoted as giving the $6bn figure, Executive Director for the UN World Food Programme David Beasley, engaged with Musk following his promise.

Whilst he said that the figure was incorrect and "misleading," he did say that two per cent of Musk's wealth would "prevent geopolitical instability, mass migration and save 42 million people on the brink of starvation."

After Musk asked for the proposed spending of the money to be published, Beasley replied: "Instead of tweets, allow me to show you.

"We can meet anywhere—Earth or space—but I suggest in the field where you can see @WFP’s people, processes and yes, technology, at work. I will bring the plan, and open books."


So it looks like for now Musk is holding firm - and keeping hold of his billions - like all good billionaires should.

Fancy donating the $10m anyway Jake Paul? No, thought not...

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