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01st Mar 2022

Heartbreaking moment Ukrainian journalist breaks down in tears taking Boris Johnson to task

Danny Jones

Ukrainian journalist breaks down in tears

The journalist spoke powerfully for nearly two full minutes before emotion got to her

A Ukrainian journalist broke down in tears as she implored for more to be done by Boris Johnson regarding the ongoing Russian invasion.

Speaking at a press conference in Warsaw, Poland – just hours after the latest Russian airstrike killed at least 70 people – Ukrainian journalist Daria Kaleniuk took the prime minister to task and begged him to implement a “no-fly-zone” over Ukraine.

As you can see in the deeply moving clip, Kaleniuk speaks of the “deep fear” felt by Ukrainian men, women and children as bombs and missiles continue to fall on their major cities.

As she goes on to ask, “what is the alternative [to a no-fly zone]” when NATO is, at present, “not willing to defend and afraid of World Ward Three”? However, as many have already remarked, she believes “it has already started”.

She also says “you are coming to Poland, you are not coming to Kyiv, Prime Minister… because you are afraid”, before going on to remind him of sanctions supposedly due to be implemented on individuals like Roman Abramovich which, so far, have not been issued.

Kaleniuk suggests that air defence systems in Poland, Romania and other nations could at least help shield parts of Ukraine and allow women and children to cross the border into safer regions, which she says is already nearly impossible due to more than “30 kilometres of mines”.

After she eventually breaks down in tears, the PM responds by saying that a no-fly zone cannot be put in place because it would mean the UK “shooting down Russian planes and engaging in direct combat – that’s not something we can do”.

He goes on to insist that the consequences would be too difficult and unpredictable to control and that, currently, all they can do is attempt to “tighten the economic noose” around Vladimir Putin‘s regime.

She is not the only journalist to have bravely managed her emotions on television either, as it was only last week that BBC correspondent Olga Malchevska spoke of her house being bombed in the middle of a live news report.

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