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14th Nov 2015

France striker Antoine Griezmann’s sister was in the Paris theatre attacked by terrorists

The La Liga striker tweeted this...

Ben Kenyon

Terrorism is indiscriminate.

Rich and poor, Christian and Muslim, famous and everyday people alike can be caught up in these senseless atrocities.

We saw this in the shocking Charlie Hebdo murders which struck at the heart of France earlier in the year with the satirical newspaper targeted, a hero Muslim policeman killed trying to intervene and a Jewish supermarket attacked.

We saw this indiscriminate murder again on Friday night when eight gunmen rampaged around Paris killing 128 people.

France striker Antoine Griezmann was playing for his country in a friendly against Germany at the Stade de France in the city when the terrorists struck. You could hear the explosions going off outside the Paris stadium during the game.

While this was going on Griezmann’s sister was in the Bataclan Theatre which was the scene of the worst atrocities.

Griezmann was kept inside the stadium for safety as the gunmen continued their killing spree.

The Atletico Madrid forward tweeted this message as news came through that there was a hostage situation at the theatre where people were being shot.


The forward faced a three-hour wait to find out if his sister had made it out of the theatre alive. It was the scene of the worst killing and between 80 and 100 people are believed to have died there before French special forces stormed the building.

But news came through that his sister had survived the horrific attack and he tweeted “Thanks God my sister was able to exit the Bataclan. All my prayers go to the victims and their families.”


Our thoughts go out to the families whose loved ones did not return.