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07th Jan 2023

Former cop who laced cupcakes with semen sentenced to 100 years jail

Steve Hopkins

The sex offender said he was ‘grateful’ that God has ‘forgiven me’

A former police officer who fed his wife’s junior high school students cupcakes laced with his semen has been jailed for 100 years.

Dennis Perkins pleaded guilty to rape, two counts of sexual battery of a child under the age of 13, video voyeurism, and two counts of child pornography earlier this week, and will spend the rest of his life in prison with no chance for parole, the Daily Beast reported.

“I just want to make the statement: Jesus Christ has forgiven me,” the former Louisiana cop said, according to the publication.

“I’m grateful for that. I hope and pray that anybody that this has affected would also find forgiveness and healing through Jesus Christ.”

The 47-year-old’s wife, Cynthia Perkins, was sentenced to 41 years in prison last year.

In February last year, the 36-year-old accepted a plea deal and agreed to testify against her ex-husband.

According to the charges, the teacher used Dennis’ semen to “season” cupcakes that she made for children at Westside Junior High School.

The couple were arrested in October 2019 and were both charged with 60 counts of producing pornography involving children under 13.

They also faced two counts of first degree rape, with Dennis charged with a further two counts of video voyeurism and two counts of obscenity and obstruction of justice.

Dennis Perkins was working as a sheriff’s deputy for Livingston Parish at the time.

After being arrested, Cynthia Perkins stepped down from her teaching position and filed for divorce.

She had claimed that she was innocent of the 72 charges against her and that her husband had manipulated her to carry out the crimes, WBRZ reported at the time.

However, as part of the plea deal, she pleaded guilty to second degree rape, producing child pornography and mixing harmful substances.

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