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17th Feb 2022

Teacher laced schoolchildren’s cupcakes with husband’s sperm

Charlie Herbert

Teacher Cynthia Perkins schoolchildren's cupcakes with husband's sperm

She used her husband’s semen to ‘season’ the cupcakes

A school teacher in the US has admitted to lacing cupcakes with her husband’s sperm before feeding them to her pupils.

Cynthia Perkins now faces more than four decades behind bars for a range of horrific sex crimes against children.

On Monday, the 36-year-old, from Livingston in Louisiana, accepted a plea deal that will see her testify against her ex-husband Dennis.

According to the charges, the teacher used Dennis’ semen to “season” cupcakes that she made for children at Westside Junior High School.

The couple were arrested in October 2019 and were both charged with 60 counts of producing pornography involving children under 13.

They also faced two counts of first degree rape, with Dennis charged with a further two counts of video voyeurism and two counts of obscenity and obstruction of justice.

He was working as a sheriff’s deputy for Livingston Parish at the time.

After being arrested, Cynthia stepped down from her teaching position and filed for divorce.

She had claimed that she was innocent of the 72 charges against her and that her husband had manipulated her to carry out the crimes, WBRZ reports.

However as part of the plea deal, she pleaded guilty to second degree rape, producing child pornography and mixing harmful substances.

She could have faced up to 72 years in jail but instead was given 40 years for second degree rape and 30 years concurrent for sex crimes involving a child under 13.

She was sentenced to one year for the laced cupcakes, so will spend a total of 41 years behind bars with no possibility of parole.

Dennis will now face 150 charges, with his trial due to begin in May.

Attorney General Jeff Landry said: “She not only waived any right to appeal and attempt to avoid conviction, but she also spared the victims from reliving her horrific crimes during this particular trial.

“Today’s conviction is in the best interest of our victims and justice.

“I wish to thank Assistant Attorney General Barry Milligan and Assistant Attorney General Erica McLellan for their work in obtaining this guilty plea, and we look forward to holding Dennis Perkins accountable for his crimes in the very near future.”

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