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02nd Mar 2022

Russian forces claim to have captured Ukrainian city of Kherson

Danny Jones

Russia claims its captured Kherson

Images appear to show Russian forces securing positions in the southern city

According to the Russian defence ministry, the country’s military forces are thought to have captured the Ukrainian city of Kherson after a period of fighting overnight.

Footage online appears to show Russian tanks and military vehicles advancing through the city streets and occupying significant landmarks such as the river port and the local train station.

It is thought that the fighting is ongoing between Russian and Ukrainian troops and that local authorities deny the claim. However, it is clear from images currently shared online that Vladimir Putin’s forces continue to encircle the city.

As you can see from clips such as the one below, the organisation of insurgent forces may not be going as flawlessly as Russian sources are trying to claim:

Elsewhere in the country, it has been reported that Russian paratroopers landed in Kharkiv overnight and have taken a military hospital after having hit multiple buildings with airstrikes overnight; at least 21 people are thought to have been killed in the shelling.

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