Florida woman charged with murder after 'stabbing husband 140 times' 5 months ago

Florida woman charged with murder after 'stabbing husband 140 times'

The man also reportedly suffered a skull fracture after a blow from a meat clever

A woman in Florida has been arrested after allegations that she fatally stabbed her husband 140 times.


As reported by local outlet WPTV, the incident took place on February 11 in Palm Springs, Florida, after local authorities were called by the suspect's son after he dialled 911.

Joan Burke, 61 - who is being held without bond by Palm Springs Police - is believed to have stabbed the victim more than 140 times and caused a skull fracture by using a meat cleaver, according to an autopsy report.


As alluded to in the TV report above, officers arrived on the scene to find blood splatters and smears on the walls, cabinets, and counters of the kitchen alongside multiple knives - including the meat cleaver which was allegedly used for a blow to the head and found in the kitchen sink.

As well having reportedly stabbed her husband multiple times, Burke herself is also said to have received lacerations on her hands.

Melvin Weller, 62, was found lying on the kitchen floor in a pool of his own blood which covered more than half the kitchen floor. Investigators are also said to have found a mop, broom and other cleaning tools next to the body.

According to the outlet, the victim's family said he was physically disabled at the time of his death; a motive for the murder has not yet been ascertained.


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