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03rd Feb 2022

Drivers parking on pavements face £70 fine under a new law

Kieran Galpin

Car park

‘Remember that pavements are there for the use and safety of pedestrians only’

Drivers in the UK could be hit with £70 fines for bad parking under a new law that is expected to come into effect soon.

Motorists could be hit with fixed penalty notices if parked on the street – even if there are no double yellow lines. It is understood that parking on the pavement, blocking narrow roads or infringing on pathways could result in drivers being fined.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, you might also receive points on your licence.

The legislation is still waiting to be brought before parliament, however if it goes ahead, it’s believed local councils will have more control over dishing out fines for bad parkers.

“What may seem a small inconvenience to some, might be a huge hindrance to others,” Alex Kindred, car insurance expert at, told the Manchester Evening News.

“But it’s important to remember that pavements are there for the use and safety of pedestrians only, and therefore should be respected by all other road users.

Car park

“However, without a clearer understanding of the law around pavement parking, it’ll be hard to implement fines to drivers who break the rules.”

He noted that the current laws are “quite confusing”, given that parking on the pavement is often thought of as just frowned upon, despite being illegal in London and other select areas across the UK.

He continued: “With consultations ongoing for England and Wales, with Scotland already pioneering the way to make a big change, drivers should be wary that changes could come into force sooner rather than later.

“Councils will be given a bigger responsibility and penalty charges could be issued.

“The laws around parking on pavements is just one of many new driving laws coming into effect this year, with road user safety at the forefront of each.”

While rules in England and Wales are expected to be initiated later this year, Scotland will see the change in 2023.

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