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18th May 2022

Court shown private elevator moment between Amber Heard and James Franco

Kieran Galpin

Both Depp and Heard have accused the other of cheating

Footage shown during the ongoing defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard saw actor James Franco visiting Heard’s penthouse apartment.

Surveillance footage from within the elevator was shown at the Fairfax, Virginia, courthouse on Tuesday as part of Camille Vasquez’s intense cross-examination of the 36-year-old Aquaman star.

In the footage taken on May 22 2016, Heard is seen entering the elevator from her apartment in the Eastern Columbia Building in Los Angeles. Wrapped in a large coat, Heard exits the elevator and returns a minute later with Pineapple Express star Franco, 44.

If you were hoping for a shocking revelation – think Matt Hancock and kissgate – then you may want to adjust your expectations. While many online have taken the video as proof of cheating, the two simply appear to lean against one another, with Franco dipping his head to rest on Heard.

The day before Franco’s visit, police were called to the same apartment after Heard reported Depp for throwing his phone at her. On May 23, a day after the footage was taken, Heard filed for divorce and went on to file for a domestic abuse restraining order on May 27.

Both Depp, 58, and Heard have accused one another of cheating. In one instance, Heard alleges that Depp was cheating within days of their marriage in 2015.

“He was texting this woman that he had had a relationship with on and off kind of at the beginning of our relationship, so I recognized the name. But the date was right after the wedding,” Heard told the court.

“I saw that he had gone to her house after we had gotten married. Upon touching down in Los Angeles, I think it was the next day he went to this woman’s house that he has this sexual relationship with.”

Depp similarly alleges that Heard cheated with Franco and Elon Musk. Musk told PageSix that he’d never had a threesome with Heard and model Cara Delevingne and that he’d only begun dating Heard a year after she and Depp split.

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