Care home boss cries after sacking six staff members over mandatory jab policy 7 months ago

Care home boss cries after sacking six staff members over mandatory jab policy

Regardless of your opinions on the jab, this is a rough watch

A care home boss breaks down in tears as she tells Good Morning Britain correspondent how she had to sack six staff members over the new mandatory jab policy.


Speaking to GMB's Nitya Gracianna Rajan, Theresa Ingram-Gettins - who runs the Boldmere Court Care Home in Birmingham - couldn't hold back her emotions as she explained that she had to let go six key members of her staff who hadn't had the vaccine.

Theresa says "the tears that have been shed are unbelievable", before breaking down and confessing "we love each other here, greatly". You can see the full clip here:


Her former colleagues are just a few of thousands who faced dismissal following the introduction of the rule on Thursday November 11. Earlier this week, another care worker who was let go called the legislation "unfair", adding "I just can't believe what the bloody government is doing to us".

As for Theresa, it's clear how difficult she - like so many others in the sector - is finding the new regulations. "To say goodbye to people and knowing you're putting them into poverty is unbelievable".

She went on to say that it is significantly impacting the physical and mental health of those already "working extra hours", adding that "we're tired and worn out". She rounded out her emotional interview imploring, "give us a break, Boris".


To make matters worse, in complete contrast to stringent guidelines for key workers, it was reported on Friday that the Prime Minister was asked to put on a mask three times during a local hospital visit that faced criticism earlier this week.

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