Brazilian town's experiment with Chinese vaccine sees Covid deaths fall by 95% 1 year ago

Brazilian town's experiment with Chinese vaccine sees Covid deaths fall by 95%

The first Covid mass vaccination trial is a success

45,000 adults in Seranna, a town in southeastern Brazil, have been offered the Chinese made CoronaVac jab in the very first mass trial, the Wall Street Journal reports.


Between February and April, 'Project S' was conducted, which resulted in a 95 percent reduction of Covid-related deaths.

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The Butantan Institute located in São Paulo conducted the study alongside Chinese manufacturer Sinovac. Despite nearby areas struggling to contain the virus, Seranna has remained untouched and is experiencing a drop in deaths.

"Serrana became one big laboratory," said Dimas Cova, the director of the Butantan Institute.

"This should serve as an example for the rest of the world," he said, adding that he hoped the study would help policymakers in other countries understand how many people they need to vaccinate to control the pandemic"

The study's results show that symptomatic cases fell 80%, and hospitalisations fell a further 86%.


"It goes to prove that the only way to conquer the pandemic is with vaccines," said João Doria, the state governor of São Paulo. President Jair Bolsonaro has made it clear he will not be taking the vaccine and has also pushed for non-proven cures in replacement. Numerous protests have been held against Bolsonaro, with many stating he is essentially responsible for genocide.

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João Doria is the driving force behind much of Brazil's vaccination effort since Bolsonaro has made it very clear his stance on the pandemic. Despite the virus killing just under half a million people in Brazil, the President is unwavering in his belief that lockdowns and exhaustive precautions have plummeted their economy.


Much of Latin America is equipped to fight the virus with the Sinovac vaccine. Though only 10% of Brazil are currently vaccinated, the success in Seranna will hopefully push forward their plans.