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04th May 2016

BBC presenter stops live broadcast to bring child to the loo

"What's the matter darling? Do you need the loo?"

Laura Holland

BBC2 presenter Victoria Derbyshire interrupted a live broadcast to bring a 6-year-old guest off the set to go to the toilet.

Kai, the little boy in question, was on the show with his mum to talk about recent protests over how difficult the SATs tests are for Year 2 pupils.

During her show, Victoria Live, Victoria noticed that Kai was squirming and wriggling about in his seat. She turned and asked him if he was alright.

She said, “You alright Kai?What’s the matter darling? Do you need the loo?”

He whispered to her that he was hot and needed to go to the loo so she immediately halted the show, told the others to carry on chatting, and escorted him off set.

Watch it here:

People seem to be really impressed by Derbyshire’s actions:

Image and video via YouTube/Hom and Top


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