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20th Nov 2015

Anonymous could hack PlayStation networks in cyber-war with ISIS


In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, Anonymous have been redoubling their efforts in their cyber-war with ISIS.

Having spammed the terrorist organisation with rickrolls and claimed to have filled the Twitter account of one ISIS member with cats and unicorns, it’s now being suggested that Anonymous could look to hack other methods of online communication that are used by the terrorist group.

Quartz now claims PlayStation networks may be a target for Anonymous, after some reports suggested they may have been used to coordinate the Paris attacks.

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With Le Monde  reporting that an unencrypted cell phone with texts relating to the attacks was found in a bin outside the Bataclan theatre, it’s clear that PlayStation networks weren’t used exclusively to set up the attacks in the French capital.

With the report in Quartz also pointing to Anonymous’ history of hacking PlayStation networks, perhaps this will be a logical next step for the hacking group.