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04th Aug 2022

Alex Jones accused of committing perjury twice as his laywers ‘accidentally’ reveal two years worth of texts

Danny Jones

Alex Jones' lawyers accidentally reveal two years worth of his text messages

The judge was forced to warn Jones for lying multiple times on the stand

Alex Jones was called out for committing perjury twice after just two days in court for his defamation trial as the families of the Sandy Hook victims accused him of trying to convince his Infowars audience that the 2012 2012 massacre was a “hoax”.

The judge presiding over his case being held in Austin, Texas took time following cross-examination to remind the 48-year-old of his oath to tell the truth after he was found to have lied about not being able to find any texts or emails referencing Sandy Hook and that a financial penalty would “sink” his company that he claims is bankrupt.

In a truly incredible moment captured inside the court, the presenter and notorious far-right conspiracy theorist was told by the opposing legal team that his own counsel had “messed up” and sent a digital copy of his entire phone and a full list of text messages he had sent for the past two years.

After learning of his lawyers’ mistake, Jones briefly tries to convince Mark Bankston – the lawyer representing one of several Sandy Hook families suing for defamation – that he had knowingly handed over his personal information, remarking “nice trick… see I told you the truth, I gave them my phone”.

As if that wasn’t enough, when given the chance to deliver a response, his lawyers simply ask him: “have you trusted [us] to produce the relevant documents?… Have you trusted us to do a good job and turn over what we needed to turn over?”

Many online think this was in an effort to cover their own backs and reduce the chance of malpractice.


Moreover, Bankston goes on to explain that after receiving the flood of incriminating information and alerting Jones legal team to the mistake, they “did not take any steps to identify it as [attorney-client] privilege?”.

Following the revelation, Judge Maya Guerra Gamble had to warn his lying while under oath at least twice, stating that he had failed to comply with discovery (i.e. the request to hand over evidence) and remarking: “It seems absurd to instruct you again that you must tell truth while you testify, but here I am… this is not your show”.

The crime of perjury in can either be classified as simple a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail, or aggravated perjury, a felony that is punishable by anywhere between two to ten years behind bars in the state of Texas.

As well as a series of emails acquired by the lawyers, the text messages included numerous mentions of Sandy Hook, which Jones previously claimed he could not find when complying with the court, as well as examples of Infowars healthy finances – despite his insistence that he is now bankrupt.

Representing one family suing Jones for $150m in damages for being put through “living hell” thanks to years of his claims that the school shooting was a “false flag operation” featuring “crisis actors”, Bankston outlined several days in 2018 in which the company made over $800,000 a day.

In yet another bizarre and damning moment for Jones, lawyers showed a segment of an episode in which the judge herself was accused of being given a script and was then presented with an image which depicted her on fire.

Following the revelations, Jones finally had no other choice than t admit that the Sandy Hook tragedy was “100% real” and not “staged” in order to challenge the Second Amendment rights and promote stricter gun control laws as he claimed for many years.

He also recognised that the incident had caused the victim’s families “utter misery” for a decade. The two parents in question revealed how they have even received “death threats” from Jones’ fanatic followers for lodging a lawsuit against him.

The jury, who Jones was also accused of “belittling” during the trial, began their deliberations on Wednesday and Sandy Hook families are now calling for bankruptcy payments to stop being made to Infowars’ parent company Free Speech Systems LLC and Jones in turn, as the judge made it apparent that filing for bankruptcy does not necessarily reflect their true finances.

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