Alex Jones threatens to cut finger off in bizarre attempt to thank Infowars audience 1 month ago

Alex Jones threatens to cut finger off in bizarre attempt to thank Infowars audience

He got a knife out during a live broadcast

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones threatened to cut off his finger with a knife during Sunday's broadcast of his show, saying it would be a "salute" to his fans.


Jones unsheathed a knife during the episode of The Alex Jones Show and brought it to one of his fingers.

He then said: “And that’s why when I salute you — I’m not into self-harming, but I just actually want to take this dagger and just cut a finger off right on air to show you how much I appreciate you and what you’ve done.

“Giving up a finger to beat these people is nothing!”


He didn't go through with the gesture in the end, and put the knife away before harming himself.

Jones said it would have been a thank you to his fans and audience for what they had helped the show achieve.


“We have been given nothing but success, nothing but victory,” he said. “It has been spectacular. And you, the viewers and listeners, you did this!”

But it has been a difficult few months for Jones and his Infowars site. He's been involved in a legal dispute with the families of victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, who sued him in 2018 after he labelled the 2012 shooting a hoax.

Twenty children and six school employees were killed in the massacre, and in November Jones was found guilty of defamation against the families of the victims and ordered to pay $1m in damages.

This resulted in three entities linked to Infowars filing for bankruptcy, in a move the Sandy Hook families had labelled a "sinister" tactic to avoid liability and for Jones to shield his assets.

In the end, the companies agreed to dismiss the bankruptcy pleas.

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