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11th May 2022

Al Jazeera journalist ‘shot dead by Israeli forces’ during raid in West Bank, says outlet

Danny Jones

Al Jazeera journalist shot dead by IDF, according to reports

She is said to have been wearing a vest clearly marked as ‘PRESS’

Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh has been shot dead during a raid by Israeli forces in West Bank.

According to the news outlet, Akleh was shot by IDF troops carrying out raids in the city of Jenin, located within the historically contested region, before being rushed to hospital in critical condition.

Sadly, Al Jazeera journalists and the Palestinian Health Ministry confirmed that she was declared dead at the hospital shortly after. Colleague Nida Ibrahim claims video footage shows her being shot in the head.

Moreover, she is said to have been wearing a body armour vest clearly marked ‘PRESS’ (as is standard safety protocol for those reporting in regions of conflict) when she was caught up in the gunfire.

Sharing an image of her in the said vest, Husam Zomlot – ambassador and Head of Palestinian Mission to the UK – labelled the fatal shooting as an “assassination”.

Another journalist, Ali Samoudi, who works for the Jerusalem-based Quds newspaper, was also wounded after being shot in the back during the firefight; he is said to be in a stable condition.

Al Jazeera network has called on the international community to “condemn” the act, alleging that soldiers deliberately targeted the Palestinian reporter, who was a prominent journalist and recognisable face across the Middle East, having covered the Israeli-Palestine conflict for more than 15 years.

Meanwhile, the Israeli military says they fired back after coming under attack from heavy gunfire and explosives while operating in Jenin and are “investigating the event and looking into the possibility that the journalists were hit by the Palestinian gunmen.”

IDF Spokesperson Ran Kohav later told Kan public broadcaster, “I don’t think we killed her”, going on to add that while he urges for a joint investigation, Palestinians “might have a good reason” not to cooperate.

Rest in peace.

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