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10th May 2022

Mum admits to killing eight-year-old twins boys and 12-year-old daughter with ‘teenage son’s’ help

Charlie Herbert

California mum kills children

The night before the bodies were discovered, the California mum lit candles and screamed about the Bible in a neighbour’s yard

A mum has admitted to killing her three children and claims she was helped by a yet-to-be identified 16-year-old who is believed to be her son.

On May 8 at around 7.40am, officers in Los Angeles received a 911 call to a property in the West Hills area. There, they found three juveniles unresponsive at the location; 12-year-old Natalie and eight-year-old twin boys Nathan and Kevin – according to local┬áreports.

Paramedics were called to the scene but all three of the children were pronounced dead. A cause of death has yet to be released.

Their mother, Angela Dawn Flores, 38, was arrested along with an unidentified 16-year-old, who police believe is her son.

During the investigation, Los Angeles authorities explained that Flores admitted to killing her three children and claimed to have done it with the help of her adolescent son.

The night before the bodies were found, Flores was reportedly heard screaming outside the homes of neighbours.

Neighbour Prisila Canales told CBSLA: “I heard someone screaming, ‘My family is abusing me,’ and all kinds of nonsense. I couldn’t make out what it was.

“I guess at that time she was in our neighbor’s yard… burning a candle and she had the Bible out.”

Paramedics were called to the incident and put Flores on a stretcher. Canales said she would “just pop up out of nowhere and yell, “Where’s my Bible? Where’s my Bible?'”

Seven hours after this, the 16-year-old reportedly went to another neighbour’s home and said his brothers and sister were unresponsive.

It is not clear what happened between Flores’ being taken away on the Saturday night and the children’s bodies being found the following morning but police sources say the children appeared to have died on the Saturday night.

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