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17th Oct 2023

Woman savagely pulls out measuring tape at a club to check if man is tall enough

Steve Hopkins

Shrug it off, short kings!

Any man who has gone on a dating app since they were invented knows women have a thing about height.

It’s why every man on a dating app lies about his height.

Anyway, one woman has taken her preference for bigger blokes to the next level, bringing her own measuring tape out on a night out.

In a video that’s since gone viral, the unnamed woman is seen stretching out the tape next to a dude on the dance floor to see if he’s worth her time.

As Darude’s ‘Sandstorm’ cranks out of the speaker, the woman adjusts her dating tool as the man cocks his chin, seemingly in an attempt to inch a little closer to getting lucky.

It is hard to tell how tall the guy is, but he’s not much taller than the woman measuring him, so we suspect he’s been thrown back.

In response, a lot of men in the comments remarked on her measurements.

While another said what most women are probably thinking:”She wouldn’t have to do this if men stopped lying about it.”

Another added: “Girl is literally checking if dudes tall enough for her… is this how girls are now?”

The new dating ritual was compared to going on a rollercoaster by another commenter: “Gotta just be tall enough to ride.”

Another added that it should be the venue’s responsibility to check heights, rather than individuals.

Writing for The Toronto Star in 2016, Sofi Papamarko argued woman needed to “stop turning down men under six feet tall”.

The matchmaker said women fussy about how tall men are, is “one of my biggest pet peeves” as they rule out “the vast majority of men, sight unseen”.

“When I ask these women why they would discount all but a mere 10 to 15 per cent of the human male population, they usually answer they’re ‘not attracted to guys shorter than six feet’,” she wrote.

She added: “When pressed further, these women (of all heights, incidentally) reveal they ‘like to wear heels’ or want to ‘feel like a girl’, as if certain heights were more inherently masculine or feminine than others.”

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