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14th Oct 2023

Woman refuses to get out of car after seeing ’embarrassing’ restaurant she was taken to on first date

Joseph Loftus

‘You’re supposed to take care of her’

A woman has been roasted online after revealing that she refused to get out of her date’s car because of the restaurant he brought her to.

In a clip shared to TikTok by another woman, the unnamed girl in the vid can be seen filming herself in the car before all hell breaks loose.

As the man gets out of the car before walking around to her door to let her out, the woman says to the camera: “He’s got me at the Cheesecake Factory y’all. I ain’t getting out of this car.”

While standing heartbroken on the other side of her door, the man then realises that he is being both mocked and recorded.

The man tries, and fails, to open her car door to which she tells him: “You’ve brought me to the Cheesecake Factory?” He says: “What’s wrong with that?”

While still looking at her phone, the woman then says: “This is a chain restaurant, who takes someone that looks like this to a chain restaurant?”

Her date eventually gets back into the car and asks her: “You expect a man to go all out on the first date?”

The woman brushes her hair off her shoulder and replies: “When you take out a beautiful woman, and you’re courting her, because I get courted.

“You’re supposed to take care of her, you’re supposed to cover her, you’re supposed to protect her, cherish her, treat her well.”

The man then explained to his date what he expects, saying: “I expect a girl to be respectful. I expect her to be cooperative.”

The girl then replies: “What did I do that wasn’t cooperative?”


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