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26th Feb 2022

Woman reveals horrifying message Bumble date mistakenly sent her hours before they were to meet

Simon Bland


Needless to say, the pair didn’t live happily ever after…

A woman on TikTok has shared a video detailing the horrific message the man she was messaging sent her by mistake just hours before they were set to meet up in person for the first time.

Samantha Rose shared this unbelievable story to her social media account earlier this week – and it’s since attracted over 895,000 likes, 16,000 comments and over 71 million views.

In the video, Rose explains that she was due to meet a guy she had been speaking to via the dating app Bumble – until the guy made a massive mistake and posted a brutal message to her seemingly by accident.

@samantha_roseeeee i hate it here #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Rachel Wilson?

Taking the conversation from Bumble and onto iMessage, Rose and Jake proceeded to make plans to meet up – before the rogue message stopped any hopes of romance firmly in its tracks.

“I’m a lucky guy to get to take you out,” said Jake in one early message, eagerly explaining how he “can’t wait” to take her out.

Then came the accidental text, delivered shortly after a picture of Rose in her bathing suit.

“No bro she’s a solid 4 and I will forsure keep it on the low but desperate times call for desperate measures and beggers [sic] can’t be choosers all I saw was t*ts and an easy lay.”

It didn’t take long for Jake to realise his mistake and quickly try to salvage the situation but as you might imagine Rose was rightly having none of it.

“Damn I’m sorry I didn’t mean to send that to you,” he replies. “I was talking about someone else and clicked on your picture on accident. My bad.”

Whatever you say, Jake.

Shortly after, Rose ghosted Jake before sharing the incident onto TikTok – however he soon resurfaced and even attempted to call her crazy.

“So you’re just not going to show and then make a TikTok about me?” he asked in a subsequent message.

“It was a joke but I should have picked up that you were crazy when you said you foster kids. You can’t get a man so you get a bunch of broken little kids to fill that void.”

Meanwhile, viewers on TikTok were quick to share their support for Rose and disdain for Jake, with one user saying she had “dodged a bullet”.

Another appeared particularly amped up at Jake’s crass attitude towards women, saying: “I will slash a solid 4 of your tires, Jake!”

A third said: “”Omg. My heart just dropped. At least he showed his true colors and you didn’t have to waste your time.”

In a later video, Rose even suggested that she could be being ‘catfished’ by an angry old ex.

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