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05th Oct 2023

Woman in hysterics after tattoo artist makes major spelling mistake


The tattoo artist has said the ‘f*** up was great exposure’

A woman went into a tattoo shop with a pretty simple request.

But it couldn’t have gone more wrong. The end result wasn’t fine at all.

Plenty of people like to get ironic tattoos, purposely misspelt – ‘No Ragrats’, for instance, or just badly, crudely, done, as in, an ignorant-style tattoo.

Thankfully, the f*** up turned out to be a blessing for both the client and the artist.

In a video on TikTok Jordan LaMattina, can be seen laughing hysterically, or perhaps she is in shock after she’s realised what the artist has done to her hand.

She wanted ‘Everything’s fine’ written along the inside of her left hand.

What she got was, ‘Everthing’s fine’. The artist forgot the Y in everything.

But Jordan was seemingly a good sport about it, almost breaking apart in hysterics as the tattoo artist, captured in the video, appeared to be frozen in horror.

A person behind the camera is then heard saying, “This is not your fault. This is the greatest moment of my life.”

The artist, who according to his TikTok is “self-taught”, mutters: “Are you f****** joking?” and looks back at the tattoo.

The laughter continued as the women repeat the new mantra: “Everthin’s fine,” and even appear to be wiping away tears.

Leaning back in his chair with his face covered in disbelief, they reassure the artist: “It’s okay, everthin’s fine.”

More than nine million people have watched the video.

Another tattoo artist commenting on the post wrote: “As a tattoo artist, I would feel immediately sick to my stomach. As the person who is wearing it, I would love it more.”

Another suggested that the “phrase will haunt him”, a sentiment echoed by a few others: “Five years from now he’s going to be laying in bed unable to sleep thinking about this.”

Another person joked: “In Martin Freeman’s voice, ‘it was this moment he realised, everything was not fine’.”

Another said of the wrong-spelling inking: “I love this so much more.”

Another commenter suggested both the artist and client were to blame, given she would have seen the stencil of the tattoo on her hand – with the wrong spelling – before he started.

Other users suggested some little fixes, like adding a “lil apostrophe where the Y would’ve been”, or adding a Y above the tattoo where it should have been.

Jaco has since spoken out about his mistake, saying he’d had a busy day, took Jordan as a rare walk-in appointment and because he clicked with her he wasn’t “paying attention to what the f*** I’m doing.”

Rather than check what the tattoo said before he started, Jaco said he was too busy “making sure that it’s straight on her hand”.

“I’m not like, reading it. Same as when I’m tattooing it – I’m in there making sure the lines are saturated and straight, I’m not reading it,” he explained.

However, he conceded that he “should have been, definitely should have been.”

Jaco said that Jordan was “really happy, she liked the tattoo better” and the error had been “pretty great exposure.”

“This s* is going to happen to every tattoo artist at some point in their career. I was unlucky enough that it went viral and got eight million views in 36 hours but I was also lucky enough that my client liked it better,” he said.

“It worked out in the sense that the tattoo was supposed to be a reference to the fact s***’s always f***** up. Funny enough, the tattoo got f***** up, but ended up being better that way.”

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