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01st Nov 2023

Woman’s boyfriend secretly tattoos face of the girl he was cheating with on her arm

Steve Hopkins

The truth came out after he dumped her ‘the day before my sister’s funeral’

A woman has gone viral for a breakup story that is about as bad as you can get.

Jasmine Parsad’s ex tattooed the face of the girl he was cheating on her with – on her arm.

Jasmine explained in a now-viral TikTok that the incident, involving her tattoo artist ex, was one of her “biggest regrets”.


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In her first post, Jasmine wrote: “When I dated an emo tattoo artist and got all tatted up because I was ‘sad too’ and he tatted the girl’s face he cheated on me with on my arm without me knowing.”

When that got nearly 180,000 views, Jasmine followed it up with an explanation of how the crazy scenario unfolded.

As she showed the fine-line tattoo on her forearm, Jasmine explained that she wouldn’t show a picture of the other girl – to prove the resemblance – “because I really don’t want you guys harassing the girl.”

“Basically, what happened is me and my ex were dating at the time, he was a tattoo artist, and I had told him I wanted Lilith from the bible,” she said.


I coukdnt even show you the other side with her face 😭😭😭 #embarrassing #worsttattoos #horribletattooartist

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“No one knows what she looks like, so I just said, ‘Do what you think, just freestyle it.’”

Jasmine said her ex showed her the design, and not knowing that he was being unfaithful, she just went with it saying, ‘Yeah, I love it, let’s go for it.’”

But as a lot of tattoo stories go, the regrets come later.

Months later Jasmine’s ex “literally dumps me the day before my sister’s funeral” and the truth came out.

The ex admitted he’d been cheating on Jasmine “the entire time with his ex-girlfriend”.

Jasmine then decided to look the other woman up: “I see exactly what she looks like and it’s the same exact face on my arm!”

“Everyone, I thought at first, was gonna call me crazy, but after showing them a picture of her right next to my arm, they’re like, ‘No girl, that definitely is her,’” Jasmine continued.

The content creator then goes on to say she didn’t “get no revenge or nothing”, but said her ex had already called the police on her for “allegedly doing something to his mom and sister … I don’t know, I have no idea what he’s talking about because I didn’t do anything.”

Jasmine asked her followers if they thought she could sue her ex.

One person suggested Jasmine should “take him to court so he can pay for the removal. Gather evidence and get a lawyer.”

Another was just aghast at what had happened: “Nah that’s a different type of evil to do to someone. I’m so sorry.”

Since then further TikToks have been posted revealing what her ex-boyfriend’s other partner looked like.

And people were pretty convinced. One wrote: “WOW! Oh no that’s definitely her. He’s a damn liar. I knew it.”

Another added: “I eat what I said Giiirrrl! I gasped so hard I almost choked.”

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