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07th Dec 2023

Tourist leaves people baffled after Arabic tattoo she got with strangers gets translated

Callum Boyle

Arabic tattoo translation

Probs best not to mention the translation

A holiday abroad with your friends usually ends in one way and one way only: Getting a random tattoo.

But getting one with a bunch of strangers? Not that common at all.

One TikToker left millions of viewers in stitches after Caitlin Delphine showed off her latest addition.

Linking up with two fellow tourists, one decided to get a tattoo on their ankle, and the other got a matching one on their arm.

Showing the ink off on her TikTok, she wrote: “POV: You get matching tattoos in Morocco with people you met ten days ago in a hostel ago.

“If you haven’t stayed in a hostel, you definitely should!”

The Arabic writing looks very cool but it turns out that, according to Google Translate’s camera feature, Google Lens, the tattoo is translated to say “Mayonnaise”.


If you havent stayed in a hostel, you definitely should! #hostellife #hostelworld #solofemaletraveler #backpacking #morocco #traveltattoos

♬ Bim Bom – João GIlberto

You’d be forgiven for thinking it was a mistake but no, this was all planned.

Caitlin said: “We were at lunch one day and talking about how beautiful the Arabic language is, especially written out.

“We picked up a mayonnaise packet and were like, ‘Even mayonnaise is really beautiful written in Arabic.’

“So it became kind of like an inside joke and we ended up getting that as a tattoo.”

Understandably, there was a mixed reaction to the tattoo.

One person wrote: “Mayonnaise? What we eat? What kind of tattoo is this.”

A second said: “You’ll never forget it at the store again.”

Meanwhile another commented: “Just getting a stupid random tattoo with a stranger you met in a hostel is actually the perfect use of tattoos. Arabic Mayonnaise will always be an amazing memory whenever you look at it. And f*** it, we all die anyway, so why not get a tattoo lol.”

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