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17th Oct 2023

‘We moved to Disney so we could go to the parks every day – we cut back on luxuries to afford it’


The couple are often there before 7am

A couple who moved to Florida to go to Disney World every day say they “prioritise” it and cut back on luxuries to afford it.

Jessica Pruitt decided to move 560 miles from Charlotte, North Carolina after her husband, Wes, took her to Disney World for the first time aged 35 – and she “fell in love”.

The 41-year-old became immersed in the “magic of it” and the pair went twice a year from then on – before deciding to make the move when their children moved out.

The couple moved to Davenport, Florida, in July 2022 and live just seven miles from the parks which they visit every day – often first thing in the morning before work or in the evening.

Jessica and Wes, a 54-year-old mortgage broker, spent $1,400 each on a top-tier annual season pass – which they pay monthly to spilt up the cost.

The pair make Disney a “priority” and cut back on weekly food shops and luxuries – like expensive clothes and Jessica getting her nails done – so they can afford their hobby.

Jessica, a content creator, said: “This is our priority. This is what brings us joy. It’s easy to do.”

Jessica had watched Disney films growing up but wasn’t aware of Disney World until Wes took her in 2017.

Then, she “fell in love.”

Initially, the family went twice a year, but the obsession grew.

When a family member had a health issue after they had just retired, it pushed Jessica and Wes to look at what they wanted to do in the present.

Jessica said: “We thought ‘why wait until retirement to spend our money?” Jessica said.

The couple wanted to move away from their housing estate in Charlotte so decided to take the plunge when the house prices dropped, and their children left home. They also thought Disney would “keep us active.”

The couples pass lets them access the park year-round – with no blocked days – and means they can get in early when Disney World opens early in summer. They also get 10 per cent off food and 20 per cent off merchandise on the parks.

Jessica and Wes often walk 25 to 30 miles a week just by wandering around the parks.

“I love it. The other night we went to Animal Kingdom and grabbed dinner and rode ‘Flight of Passage’ and walked around and came home,” Jessica said.

“It makes us a little spoilt – if it’s busy we just hop to a different park.

“I love all the parks depending on my mood, but Magic Kingdom is the most magical.”

Jessica has now made her Disney content creation her full-time job – providing an all-you-need-to-know guide to the parks.

Wes still works full-time – so the couple often visit the park first thing in the morning or in the evening.

Jessica said: “We do it around his schedule.

“We can get in the park in summer at 6.45am and then get back in time for work.

“We love doing everything together. “We hate to be apart.”

Jessica is also a big fan of the merchandise but is trying to limit what she buys to be “minimalist”.

She said: “Sometimes I say it’s like going to church.

“It’s peace from the crazy world and triggers relief inside you.”

Jessica is a Mickey Mouse “fan girl” and her current favourite ride is the Guardians of the Galaxy ride in Epcot.

She said: “It’s not boring. We’ve lived here for a year, and we’ve not done it all. There’s so much to do.”

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