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27th Sep 2023

Family continue to decline offers from developers who built suburb around their home

Charlie Herbert

Australia family continue to decline offers from developers who built suburb around their home

They’ve turned down tens of millions from developers

A family in Australia has remained steadfast in refusing to give up their home so that developers can build on the land.

With their home located in the middle of a new-build development in the Ponds area of Sydney suburb Quakers Hill, the Zammits have no interest in giving up the property they moved into 17 years ago.

And whilst everyone else around them has sold up, and hundreds of two-storey brick homes have sprung up, their five-bedroom manor still stands proud on its patch of land.

The Zammits’ home sticks out a bit from the surrounding properties (7News)

This is despite the fact that the land is estimated to be worth tens of millions of dollars.

Speaking to 7News, property agent Taylor Bredin said: “The fact that most people sold out years and years ago, these guys have held on. All credit to them.”

The expert went on to say the 1.99-hectar land could accommodate some 50 houses, with each subdivided 3,200-square-foot block potentially fetching a million dollars each. So, if you haven’t managed to do that math, they’re sitting on land worth A$50m (£26.25m).

The video below shows the incredible change that has taken place around the property since the neighbouring blocks of land were sold back in 2012.

It doesn’t seem like the family have any intention of giving in to developers in the future either, telling developers to keep “dreaming” if they think they’re ever demolishing their home.

Diane Zammit told the Daily Mail Australia that the areas is “just not the same” as it used to be.

“It used to be farmland dotted with little red brick homes and cottages,” she said.

“Every home was unique and there was so much space – but not anymore.”

Despite the drastic changes to the surrounding area, Diane’s message to developers was a simple one: “Tell ’em they’re dreaming!”

And some of the local residents have praised the Zammits for their resilience.

One neighbour said: “I’m very happy they’ve refused to sell – it means we have a cul-de-sac which is much safer for our kids – and their big lawn next to us makes it feel like we’ve got so much space.

“Our neighbours don’t get that because the other houses are so close together.

“We’re very grateful! I hope they stay.”

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