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17th Sep 2023

Brit gets revenge after train inspector can’t do anything about group sitting in seat he booked

Charlie Herbert

Brit gets revenge after train inspector can't do anything about group sitting in seat he booked

‘I have no power to move him’

A train passenger was left gobsmacked when they found out there was nothing that could be done about someone else sitting in his seat.

The man had booked a table seat for a train from Edinburgh to London, but when he boarded he found a group of four men sat at the table instead.

When he asked the ticket inspector for help, he was stunned to find out that nothing could be done.

Sharing his frustration on Reddit, the disgruntled passenger said: “The ticket collected passed and I asked him to help.

“He asked the guy to move but he refused and somehow that was that.

“‘So what now?’ I asked. ‘You can find another seat but I have no power to move him, only the police can move him and they will not turn up just to move someone out of a seat,’ [the ticket collector said].” 

As the rest of the carriage was full, the man was now faced with the prospect of having to stand for the entire journey.

So, the man decided to use the system to his advantage, telling the inspector he was going to find a seat in first class.

When the inspector told him he couldn’t do that because he didn’t have a booking, the man responded: “Well, you could call the police to move me but apparently they won’t turn out to move someone out of a seat.”

He finished off his post by saying: “I had a lovely trip with power for my laptop and a wide comfy seat.”

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