UK police mocked for using 7.5-ton truck to tow away an e-scooter 11 months ago

UK police mocked for using 7.5-ton truck to tow away an e-scooter

'We pay for your hats, we pay for you haaaats...'

Someone over at the West Mercia Police has had an absolute mare. Even worse, some bright spark decided to post it to Facebook on the page entitled, 'Hereford Cops'.


As you can see in the post below, an e-scooter was "seized" by authorities in Hereford. A non-story in itself until you realise they sent a seven and half-ton lorry to, essentially, give a 45-kilogram scooter a piggy-back ride.


E-Scooter seized today in Hereford. 🛴

Please ensure you know the a motor vehicle, they must comply with...

Posted by Hereford Cops on Friday, June 4, 2021

Unsurprisingly, aside from people obviously taking issue with the utterly ridiculous waste of time, money and police 'energy', some decided to look on the funnier side and take the utter piss.

"One things for certain, the truck driver hasn't got a clue will he be prosecuted for insecure load," one user commented.

"Serious question: Did they use a winch? Thank you," said another.

Ultimately, Dean Chip Harris took the winner, for me: "Thank you for cleaning up this DISGUSTING CRIME off of these beautiful streets. Makes me SICK thinking that THUGS are joyriding and finding alternative modes of transportation on these TERROR ROBOTS and they need to be PROSECUTED for their RECKLESSNESS."

To be honest, most people were genuinely more annoyed than they were amused by the sheer silliness of it all and rightly so. In fairness: it's not exactly reassuring when you see such a flagrant waste of taxpayer money and police time.

I'm fairly certain there are more important things to be worrying about, and a stationery e-scooter isn't one of them.

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