Trump hasn’t posted on his own social media app since its launch following technical difficulties 4 months ago

Trump hasn’t posted on his own social media app since its launch following technical difficulties

Maybe he prefers 'fake news' after all

Donald Trump hasn't used Truth Social - his own social media platform - since it launched back in February.


Day one of the alternative, 'fake news' fighting social brand was a rocky one, with many of those who preordered the exclusive new app unable to access it and instead placed on a lengthy waiting list. However, aside from these teething problems, its biggest issue now seems to be that the one big name that drew people to it isn't actually posting anything on it.

As you can see in his last post, highlighted by commentator Frank Lutz, the disgraced former president hasn't posted in over a month after having joined on February 10 - despite having assured his 640,000 followers they would "see [him] soon!".



Even more ironically, some people have responded to this recent revelation with relative indifference, noting how most people are still on the waiting list to be admitted on to the platform. One person said their position in the queue went from "1,800 or so" to around 94,000th in the queue. Not great.

Others have by simply stated “I’m losing interest in Truth”, while some quipped, "In his defence, truth isn't his forte". In fact, even during its beta testing period the service was not only hacked but also heavily criticised for including a censorship element.


Aside from many having noted its striking similarity to Twitter - the platform Trump was banned from in January 2021 after being flagged for misinformation on multiple occasions and essentially inciting the infamous Capitol riots on January 6 - others have noted his "free press" and "freedom of information" hasn't quite lived up to the hype.

So far, the billionaire has yet to issue a response and is, obviously, still yet to post on the app itself.

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