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21st Oct 2021

Donald Trump’s Truth social media platform has already been hacked

Kieran Galpin


TRUTH is off to an awful start

Donald Trump’s latest venture, a social media platform ironically called TRUTH, has already been hacked despite only being announced this morning (October 21).

It took Twitter users just two hours to hack into TRUTH Social where they proceeded to create dummy accounts for both Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence under the usernames @donaldtrump and @mikepence.

Fake Twitter accounts have also been set up in a bid to mimic Trump’s new venture. One by the name of @TheTruthSocial has a bio that reads: “Twitter, but for racists and domestic terrorists.” Having quickly gained over 8k followers, this is one parody account to keep an eye on.

“Was just able to setup an account using the handle @donaldtrump on ‘Truth Social’ former President Donald Trump’s new social media website,” tweeted The Daily Dot‘s Mikael Thalen.

“Although the site is not officially open, a URL was discovered allowing users to sign up anyway.”

Others were quick to compare TRUTH with the open-source Mastodon software used to create personalised social media platforms.

“Didn’t take long but that layout is IDENTICAL to the layout of Mastodon 3.0, just recoloured,” tweeted one user.

They continued to say that: “Truth Social is a fucking Mastodon fork.”

After the thousands of responses, Thalen tweeted once more to confirm the domain had been taken down.

“For those asking, the public domain for what appeared to be the mobile beta of Trump’s new social media platform ‘TRUTH Social’ has been taken offline.

“I did manage to grab a screenshot of the Account Settings menu before access was blocked,” he concluded, attaching an image of the account settings menu.

Eagle-eyed hackers were also quick to highlight the irony of the platform’s Terms of Service.

“We reserve the right to remove, reclaim, or change a username you select if we determine, in our sole discretion, that such username is inappropriate, obscene, or otherwise objectionable,” the terms read.

Someone replied: “Wait so his social media platform, created out of frustration from being censored on the big social media sites, will also censor people based solely on their discretion. Weird. Also shocking. Weird and shocking.”

Are you going to sign up?

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