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28th Jan 2022

Sex expert reveals what it means if you regularly get morning wood

Kieran Galpin

Your morning friend is actually a good omen

If you ever wake up standing at full attention then it’s good news – as a sex expert has revealed that getting morning wood is a sign of good health.

Kate Moyle, a sex and relationship expert from sex toy manufacturer LELO, revealed that waking up with morning wood does not equate to being horny.

Speaking to the Sun she said: “Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) doesn’t mean that a man has woken up turned on, or just had an erotic dream (although that may sometimes be the case).

Morning Wood

“It’s actually a sign of healthy circulation and nervous system activity.”

It’s understood that men experience between three to five erections a night, which obviously means that those with insomnia are in for a busy night’s work.

Moyle did however urge men to keep an eye on their downstairs activity as you might need to visit your GP if it suddenly stops.

She explained: “If these morning erections suddenly stop then it can be an indicator of an underlying health condition.

“And it’s worth discussing with your doctor.”

MOrning wood

The sexologist also debunked the idea that you will see it if your partner has an STI.

She said: “Anyone who is having unprotected sex – not just intercourse but other forms of sex like oral sex – can catch an STI.

“Some STIs are symptomless and so it’s a good idea to test regularly, which can easily be done by visiting a sexual health clinic, or using a home testing kit.”

Ultimately, Moyle recommends using protection and getting regularly tested to make sure your sexual health is the best it can be.

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